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Midwinter Sun

I did not start on the baby quilt. I was supposed to, but I got completely distracted. I know none of you are shocked. In my defence, Crazy Quilter distracted me! I’m taking one of her courses … alright, fine, TWO of her courses, but one is every other month so it doesn’t count!!! That’s self-restraint! I wanted to take FIVE of them! Huge self-restraint … and the first class was so inspiring that I made the homework assignment right away! Just for the record, I was not alone. At least one other person made the homework immediately too. I hope she has the Virtual Retreat after this class every time. I’ll be so far ahead it!

The first assignment has to do with Log Cabin blocks. I won’t give away the whole assignment because, well, it’s HER class! You need to sign up for the privileged information! I have made log cabin blocks before (see above). FYI – I made that block wrong. You are supposed to start with the lightest colours of both sides in the middle, then work out to the darkest colour of both at the edges. I accidentally started with the darkest of the whites and the lightest of the blacks in the middle, so it doesn’t have the affect you normally get with log cabins. It was my first log cabin block ever though and I was still learning! It’s been quilted and bound for a very long time and just kicking around doing nothing, so it was easy to locate for the picture. For my homework assignment, I decided to try a new twist on the standard block. It’s called a half log cabin.You start from the corner and work out. As she was talking, I knew right away what I wanted to do for it and what colours I wanted to use. And, of course, I got hyper focused and finished it off, batting, backing, and quilting complete!

You can see I just went around the edge with a blanket stitch, no binding. There’s a reason for that. At the start of this class, my original intention was to make all the projects and try to make a sampler quilt at the end from all the bits we did. HOWEVER … I got inspired by this log cabin block and while I was making it, I got so focused on finished it and hanging it in my room that I completely forgot about my original intention. I was planning on hanging it on my door and making a “Sewing Room” sign to go with it. BUT ONCE AGAIN … I got inspired to make something different without the log cabin block as I started to assemble the rest of the material for the door banner. My attention span is terrible … So now I have a quilted block without a purpose. I have since decided to do all my blocks for the course quilt-as-you-go and maybe I’ll still make a quilt at the end. I can always just do some wall hangings, but I’ll try to wait until the end to decide.

HOLD UP THOUGH! If you thought at that meant the block was finished, think again!!! While staring into it (I find those colours totally mesmerizing, which is one reason I think it shouldn’t be a wall hanging or I might get distracted!!), I suddenly concluded that simple stitch-in-the-ditch quilting is not good enough for this quilt. It needs MORE!!! I uploaded it to a photo app on my iPad, grabbed my trusty stylus, and sketched out a quilting design that I think highlights the sun-motif I picture when I look at these colours. I’m waffling back and forth between doing the quilting in the same thread I did the stitch-in-the-ditch or colour-matching the thread to the fabric on each row. I know that’s more work – that’s not what bothers me. I just don’t know how much I want to emphasize the quilting design. I don’t want to detract from the colours as (to me) that is the main focus of this block. Contrasting thread will certainly stand out, but will it overwhelm it too much? Still thinking on that one.

Did you notice where the first log cabin block picture was taken? Well, keep that in mind. Next week is going to be my sewing room update and that picture will take on a little more meaning when we get there!


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