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Well That Was Fast …

If you’re looking for a fast quilt pattern to put together in just a few days of hard work, I think this might be the pattern for you.

Last week I was going to try to get the top together. Well, as you can see …

I’m pretty much there! I have one block left to assemble (already cut out and waiting), then I have to put the blocks together, then add a long strip at the top and bottom, and we have a finished flimsy! A block a night only took about an hour/hour & a half to cut out and sew together. 12 blocks, so that’s a little over a day if you’re only sewing 12 hours a day. This is a retreat quilt!!!

As you can see, I did modify the man block. I’m not 100% sure I’m happy with it though. My original idea was to give him a chinstrap beard (not what my brother has, but a beard is a beard on a square block), but I thought it made the mouth look funny. I went with a full beard, but now it looks like the bottom half was accidentally dipped in paint! What do you think? I suspect I’m going to rip that block apart tonight and do the chinstrap look. I think it’s better that way than how it is now.

Well that’s been my week and that will be my night! Short and sweet update. Next week will be the start of a quilting marathon. I now have 3 quilts in the queue … including the blanket that is still not on my bed!!!!!! Baby is coming in March, so maybe Auntie M should focus on herself first? We will see!


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