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Warp Speed Baby Quilt

I don’t know what lit the fire under me … but I like it!

First up – the curtains. They … did not go according to plan. For future reference, if you ever ask someone to make sheers for you and they charge you handsomely for it, PAY THE MONEY. These things are beyond terrible to work with!!At this point, you can see I have two different lengths and I’m not entirely convinced the hem is straight. I’m sick to death of trying to get them right and I only have 2 more panels to get it right with, so this project is on hold. What I have for now is good enough … especially since we are back in lockdown here in Ontario!! No one is going to see them because no one is supposed to be in my house. They obscure the view from the back yard, so they are fulfilling the required purpose. I am DONE with them for now!

Wonky curtains

With that little nightmare fading behind me, I switched focus to the baby quilt. Again … lockdown, so am I ever glad I already bought the items I needed to work on this!!!! I will probably need to acquire a backing soon, but I can procrastinate on that for a few weeks.

Block 1: the dog block

This is the original pattern by Kelli Fannin created for Riley Blake Designs to go with the Fisher Price fabric they released. I’m not taking too many liberties with this pattern, but I think the dog block can do with some tweaking, don’t you?

There! That looks much better! 😀 Since this quilt is staying in the family, I feel that I can take a could make it look a little more personal without causing any confusion. I’m also planning on altering the bald man (column 2, row 2). Baby’s father (my brother) likes to keep a hair-free dome coupled with a big bushy beard! I haven’t looked at that block yet, but if I can modify it to look more like family … then yay!! Baby’s mother already looks somewhat like the blonde bob-hair lady (column 1, row 1), so the man block should be the only other change I need to make. I’m super excited to flex my design muscles a little bit!!

Completed so far

My UFO class goal for Jan 16 was to have all the fabrics picked out and the dog block done. Since I’m already well past that part, who wants to take bets on how far I can get in another week? Maybe … even … a whole quilt top?? I’m not committing to that, but … wouldn’t that be amazing???


3 thoughts on “Warp Speed Baby Quilt

  1. I didn’t realize you were in lockdown in Ontario. We should be in lockdown here in the Bay Area, but we’re not. I live in California, but I’m originally from London, Ontario. Sheer fabric is a royal pain to work with. Here’s a thought, though It may not be to your tastes. You could attach a trim to the hem while the sheers are hanging from the door. It would allow you to even out the hem without cutting into the fabric or making them over. You measure from the floor up, rather than the top down. You can pin in place, then hand baste before removing them for a permanent stitch.


    1. Thank you for the comment!! That’s a really good idea. I’m going to see if I can find an idea for a suitable trim online that would compliment the sheers.
      We went back into a form of lockdown just after the New Year. I believe some stuff is still open, but I believe a lot of the non-essentials are closed again. Restaurants, gyms, and theaters are for sure closed right now. Some shopping seems to be open.


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